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by notepad

Welcome to neo_crack

About Us;

This is an "archive" of the "wrong" items on neopets.com (ie- neo crackers) that we find, well..wrong and funny!You may also post items with spelling mistakes, or those items that made you think "wtf".
We all love neopets, but sometimes we look and something and think of another item that well..isn't neo appropriate... so littlestlaura (me!) created this community so we could discuss it without the fear of getting frozen.
I could just make my own "archive" but I thought that it would be neat to get some discussion going and such.

I do recommend that you are over the age of 16 but it isnt necessary. Use your own judgement if you would like to join or not.
I will eventually make the layout and the userinfo more "pretty". ;)

This community was inspired by a post at another livejournal community that I belong to , as well as many discussions with my neofriends about some of these items :)

Once you join, feel free to introduce yourself and post whenever :)

Disclaimer: We at neo_crack are not responsible for any permanant brain damage as a result of what may be posted here. View at your own risk. Realize that, your view of the Neopets Team may change forever. Or maybe not. But it's all at your own personal risk. Yo.

Some rules;

-We are NOT a ranting community for neopets , if you need to rant about neo- please do so in grumpyneopians or neopianrants
- Any member can post, but when posting please check the memories to make sure that someone already didn't post the same thing as you!
- Please make all posts "friends only"
- Be respectful of other members- this also ties in with keeping everything confidential. Do not run around neo screaming things about this community.
- Do not "attack" someone because you think their item is stupid, or isnt funny. Although it may not be funny to you, it may be funny to others. Anyone seen "attacking" people, will be banned. :)
- No usernames (neo) will be used unless you would like to introduce yourself.
- No rants about how you think TNT is on crack, drinking tequila.. etc
- Please post large images behind a lj-cut.
- Be mature... well.. to a point, this really isnt a "mature" community..but do try to not act super immature :) (ie- D0nt t4lk l1k3 th1s or say things like "0mgggg th4t l00ks l1k3 4 ...." i think we all get the point ^_^)
- *New as of May 28th 2008 - Absolutely no advertisements (I.e. "Vote for my pet", "Buy this from me" etc.) whether its on neo or off, there are a variety of other communities for these types of posts. These types of posts will be deleted. (Cross posting neo_crack type things is fine)
- We reserve the right to ban people for doing stupid stuff :) usually no warning is given. You guys know whats up here and what we frown upon.
- Have fun!

The suggestion box is - here
The mod application post is - here note that if comments are disabled , it means I am *not* looking for mods at the moment :)

This community is moderated by littlestlaura (angel_shaggy_ on Neopets)

Comments or questions can be e-mailed to neo.cracklj@gmail.com


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